Ki is gone

Mar. 25th, 2012 12:09 pm
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Eleven days ago, my kitty Ki ate a light breakfast, then turned and trotted off past the barn and toward the pasture. He had a faraway look in his eye and a purposeful air, an air that said "I'm going for an adventure!"


He never came back.

He's not coming back.

Most likely he was killed by coyotes. Or maybe he found another family to adopt. Certainly, he found adventure, whatever happened.


I adopted Ki when my neighbors abandoned him when they moved away. I reluctantly rescued him and took him in. I'm glad I did; he he probably wouldn't have lived long in the city.

He was a outdoor cat when I took him in. When we moved to the farm, I let him roam outdoors again. He was a good hunter, and loved living here. If the hunter became the hunted, well, all I can say is he lived the life he wanted.

I am sad, and I miss him. But I am glad that I knew him, loved him, and gave him a home.

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Apparently Discover Card now gives you the option of getting a card with a picture on it. When I called Discover to report my card stolen, the very kind woman suggested I get one of the fancy cards with a picture on it.

I was not prepared for this question. The conversation went like this.

Nice customer service lady: "What do you like to do?"

"I do yoga," I suggested.

"Yoga. No, we don't have any yoga designs. Do you have any pets?"

"Yes, I have a cat."

"What color?"

"Black," was my answer. But then I realized I actually have two cats, one black and one tawny. I bet they don't have a picture of one black and one tan cat. I'd feel like I was betraying Barney every time I used the card. This is a bad idea.

"Actually," I said out loud, "Let's just go with a plain card. No picture."

"Just a plain card?" asked the customer service lady.

"Yes, plain."

"You don't want a beagle, do you?"

What??? "No, I don't want a beagle."

"Okay. Just a plain card," she confirmed.

I just got my new replacement card. Guess what picture is on it. Just guess! That's right...A BEAGLE!

I can't have a card with a picture of a beagle. I don't have a beagle. If I ever did get a dog, I can tell you it wouldn't be a beagle. (Not that I dislike beagles, they are fine dogs. But I would get a border collie or sheltie if I were to get a dog).

So now I have to call Discover Card back and order another card. And continue to not have a working credit card.

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Snow and ice on the ground this morning; I very nearly fell before I realized how icy it actually was. How quickly we forget. The poor cats did NOT want to be left outside this morning. They were particularly pathetic, and in a moment of weakness I let them back inside. But having them inside is too much hassle, so then I had to round them up again and toss the poor beasts out the door.

Now, the weather is still cool but above freezing, the sun is shining, and the snow is gone. Fused ice pellets no longer hold the cats' food dishes fast to the ground. Ki was sunning himself in the field when I drove up.
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I am not doing well at handling my morning routine these days. The last 20-30 minutes before I leave for work is a blur of activity. I have to feed three cats three different kinds of food, and remember to give Patches her insulin shot.
feeding cats

Since Patches is diabetic it's pretty critical that she eat only her food. But, cats being cats, she tends to wander over and try to eat out of the other cats' dishes, while they, in turn, try to steal her food. So I have to keep an eye on them while they're eating and run interference whenever I spot food stealing going on.

Then while the cats are eating I set up Patches' automatic feeder so she gets a couple of meals throughout the day, then stick the feeder in the oven so that Ki doesn't break open the feeder and eat all of her food within minutes. (Rob puts the feeder out before he leaves for work, after having locked Ki upstairs behind two stacked baby gates. This extra bit of morning fun is all due to the fact that a) the weather is bad and Ki can't go outside, and b) this old house doesn't have doors that shut well enough to latch.) *
Ki contained

At this point I can fix my own breakfast (a smoothie of soy milk, blueberrys, spirulina, and ground flax seeds; and often a cup of microwaved egg whites) and pack my lunch into my messenger bag.

It takes the cats about 15 minutes or so to eat, so all this while I have to keep a lookout to what's going on with their food and correct any errant felines. Hissing works for the two hearing cats, but Patches, being mostly deaf, requires moving physically. Often I end up herding her across the room with my feet like a footballer**, which looks pretty comical.

There is so much going on that I sometimes end up forgetting a step. Not always, or even often, but when the step I am most likely to leave out is to give Patches her injection, it's a problem. That happened this morning. Luckily I remembered in time to call [personal profile] rfunk and he was able to go back and inject her. But I feel really bad about sending him back because he had to navigate the snowy, now slightly icy, driveway twice (thankfully he didn't get stuck).

Clearly I need to rethink my morning plan. I think I'll try posting a morning to-do checklist in the kitchen to remind me of all the steps in my routine. A friend with an ADD child had such notes posted around their house and it seems to work for her.
morning list

Much of this madness is a result of having to feed all three cats indoors. When the weather is better I can feed Ki and Barney outside, where they are happy to stay during the day (major advantage of living on a farm. Of course, working interior doors would also help with the food separation issue.) Life will be much easier come the thaw.

*I was sure I had mentioned this before, but looking back over my recent entries it doesn't look like it. Probably because the whole thing seems so ludicrous.

**Embrace your inner Anglophile, I say.


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