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Apparently Discover Card now gives you the option of getting a card with a picture on it. When I called Discover to report my card stolen, the very kind woman suggested I get one of the fancy cards with a picture on it.

I was not prepared for this question. The conversation went like this.

Nice customer service lady: "What do you like to do?"

"I do yoga," I suggested.

"Yoga. No, we don't have any yoga designs. Do you have any pets?"

"Yes, I have a cat."

"What color?"

"Black," was my answer. But then I realized I actually have two cats, one black and one tawny. I bet they don't have a picture of one black and one tan cat. I'd feel like I was betraying Barney every time I used the card. This is a bad idea.

"Actually," I said out loud, "Let's just go with a plain card. No picture."

"Just a plain card?" asked the customer service lady.

"Yes, plain."

"You don't want a beagle, do you?"

What??? "No, I don't want a beagle."

"Okay. Just a plain card," she confirmed.

I just got my new replacement card. Guess what picture is on it. Just guess! That's right...A BEAGLE!

I can't have a card with a picture of a beagle. I don't have a beagle. If I ever did get a dog, I can tell you it wouldn't be a beagle. (Not that I dislike beagles, they are fine dogs. But I would get a border collie or sheltie if I were to get a dog).

So now I have to call Discover Card back and order another card. And continue to not have a working credit card.



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