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There are two new entries up at Drishtis, my other blog. In them I talk about I have adapted my my practice from being primarily yoga based to having a much greater emphasis on Chinese Qigong in response to the needs of my back and overall health. I also contemplate how I am doing at keeping my New Year's Resolution to better integrate a spiritual aspect into my daily exercise routine. Check them out if you think that might be interesting.
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My back so much better last week that I felt able to do more exercise. I increased my time on the elliptical from 8 minutes once a day to 10 minutes twice a day. My cardiovascular system loved it, but by the end of the week the trigger point in my mid back was inflamed again from the rotational aspect of the elliptical machine.

*sigh* Two steps forward, one step back.

Saturday I rested. I was exhausted, both from the week and from the early morning trip to the vet. We were totally out of drinking water so a trip to the grocery was mandatory, but it was totally naptime after we got home. Dinner was pizza in bed.

Sunday I felt much more like myself, and was able to complete the rest of the weekend chores. After which I did lot of qigong and gentle stretching.

Yesterday I again got a massage before acupuncture. This time my student therapist worked right on the areas of knotted muscle (interspersed with plenty of area-wide friction, gods love him!) to loosen them up. Today my back feels muuuch better: wide and loose. Ahhh...

I hope it still feels good tomorrow. The first couple of times I got massages at the school I was really sore the day after, even though I drank several glasses of water afterward to flush out the toxins stirred up by the massage. That didn't happen this time, meaning that a) I've progressed quite a bit (yay), and b) following massage with acupuncture is a really good idea. I have had much success these last three weeks with that protocol.

This week's exercise theme is "Keep It Loose!" I'll be doing lots of qigong, focusing on moving gently and slowly, trying my best to keep those muscles from tightening up again.


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