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Life has been pretty normal around here recently...not much to write about. My exercise regimen last week included some new qigong workouts as well as some additional ab work. I can always tell when I've done good strengthening work, because I'm hungry and tired for a few days. Healing sucks my energy like a sponge.

I am eating well, though. I have slowly been adding additional foods to my diet to meet the increased nutritional needs of my healing body. Pumpkin seeds and almonds for zinc, folate, and a host of other minerals. Blueberries and blackberries for antioxidants, and their tonic effect on the liver and kidneys. Parsley--called a "spring tonic"--for iron, vitamin C, and blood-purifying properties. Beets, also for iron. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, for vitamin A, iodine, and B vitamins. Even fish for healthy fats, iron, and extra protein. And of course I was already eating lots of leafy greens and beans.

An old friend of Rob's visited us this weekend. She was a nutrition major in college and is now an organic farmer. She confirmed all the foods I've added to my diet as good choices. She was able to suggest a few new foods to add: avocados for high mineral content, and eggs for vitamin B12.

I do take supplements (lots, actually), but I have this theory that my body can absorb nutrients from actual food sources better than it can from pills. And it's really good to understand what foods actually do for you. It's one thing to be told to eat more vegetables and fruits, but feeling the direct effect certain foods have on me as I rebuild my body brings a whole new level of understanding to nutrition.

We had another visitor this weekend.

I took this picture from the living room window, just after noon. I suspect it was looking for food, as it was moving pretty slowly. I'm pretty sure it's been getting scraps from the compost bin. Poor thing.


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