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duriyah ([personal profile] duriyah) wrote2013-04-14 01:43 pm

Glass dancing accomplished for another year!

Rob and I spent last Saturday at the OSU Medieval and Renaissance Faire, held on the South Oval of OSU's campus. We go every year, where my dance troupe performs and Rob helps out by running the music for the show. OSU has gone to the semester system from quarters this year, which I assume was why the Faire was held a month earlier than normal. It was a chilly day, but the weather certainly could have been worse. At least there was no rain or snow.

One of the other dancer’s husbands was in the audience and got some good pics. Here I am, dancing balanced on water goblets. (You can see [personal profile] rfunk behind me, at the boom box.)

2013 glass dance

My performances went well, but I really need to find another piece of music. I’ve been performing to the same music for too many years, and I’m just about sick of it! I’ll be auditioning some new music soon.

The glass dance is killer on my legs and hips. I got massages a week before the performance and the day after the performance that really helped. I always imagine the dance is hardest on my left leg, the leg that is taking most of my body weight. But it’s the right leg, where I’m balancing just on the ball of the foot and not the heel, that appears to hurt worse. The right tensor fascia latae was especially PAINFULLY tight the day after the performance. Maybe because it is taking most of the undulating movement for the entire body. Of course, I realize now that I never stretched after either or our two performances, so that might be a factor. Yeah. Maybe I should stretch…ya think?!?