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duriyah ([personal profile] duriyah) wrote2011-10-06 02:07 pm

Richard Thompson concert

Last night Rob and I went to see British singer-songwriter Richard Thompson in concert at Columbus's oldest surviving theater. It's a fabulous space, and we had good center seats. Richard played solo, on a single Lowden acoustic guitar, for over an hour and a half. It was phenomenal. His virtuoso guitar playing takes me breath away. He has a technique of both strumming and picking simultaniously that fills he room with sound and often sounds like several guitars playing at once. He loves throwing in blues riffs, which gives his more rocking songs an early rock-n-roll feel, which I love. He was also a member of the seminal folk-rock band Fairport Convention, and definitely keeps a folk sound on many of his slower songs.

It was an amazing concert. If you like guitar at all, if youever get the chance to see this man perform, with or without his band, take it! Acoustic or electric, solo or backed by his band, Richard Thompson is just fabulous!

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