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Ki goes to the emergency vet

For the past few days, my cat Ki has been refusing to eat. He'll ask for food as usual, then sniff at it and walk away. Or take just a few bites. Then he throws up what food he did eat.

As this has been going on at least three days, we decided it was time to take him to the vet. Our normal vet is closed on Sundays, so we took him to an emergency vet. They're pretty sure he has an obstruction in his digestive tract. X-rays showed an animal skull in his intestines. They want to do a barium scan to make sure then know exactly where the obstruction is. I just got a call that the vet just did the barium scan. The obstruction seems to be in his duodenum, the first section of the small intestine right off the stomach. He vomited up the barium, which indicates it's a pretty large obstruction.

He'll be getting surgery tonight to remove the obstruction. They'll keep him overnight and until they know he can eat safely.

Poor thing. I'm glad we went ahead and took him today. His blood work is fine and he doesn't have a fever. If we had waited longer he could be in worse trouble.